Cloud backup is just like astronomy

Aug. 22nd, 2017 07:47 pm
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... as in you probably don't want to go where I'm going. With the latter, it's usually cloudy whenever anything interesting is happening, and with cloudy backup, they usually close.

Which is what my current choice, CrashPlan, is doing at least to consumers.


They are at least staying in business, so my current subscription will last until - with an extra 60 days - July next year.

The two options they're suggesting are

a) Migrating to what they used to call CrashPlan Pro and are now going to call CrashPlan for Small Business. With 75% off for the first year after the current sub expires, that is quite reasonable.. at first. It'll be cheaper (12 x $2.50 < $59.99) until it gets to 2019 when the price will be at least $120, i.e. double what I am currently paying.

b) Using Carbonite. Fuck off, for the reasons given in the earlier post.

Of the ones other people use, Backblaze still doesn't do Linux* and SpiderOak is still $129 annually if you have less than 1TB of data and HOW MUCH (in this case, $279 a year) if you have more (but not more than 5TB). Plus Amazon AWS are still doing a pricing scheme that makes it clear that they're not interested in consumers.

Annoyingly, Amazon Digital Music Storage wants you to install a Windows or Mac program to do the uploading for its '250,000 files for - I think - £22/year', so I am less tempted than I otherwise would be to see if it accepts really, really, really long metadata (the ID3v2 standard allows up to 256MB!) for .mp3 files :)

It does remind me that when Napster was a new thing, someone did a Windows program 'Wrapster' that made any file look like an .mp3 file so it could be shared. I wonder if there was ever a Linux equivalent? Or given that I'm pretty sure I have a copy, somewhere, I wonder if it works under WINE?

But without playing around like that, it's looking like I will go to CrashPlan Pro, but possibly only until 2019.

* And if CrashPlan are doing this, I would want to have a look at Backblaze's accounts before believing that they're not going to be next.

Well, if Nanila can do it... =:o}

Aug. 19th, 2017 01:24 am
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Poll #18714 Dat Ass
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While I am moaning...

Aug. 18th, 2017 11:05 pm
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.. my earphones seem to be broken on return from BiCon: there's a problem just before the socket end that doesn't look to be fixable without the sort of soldering I can't do and which would cost more than their replacement cost to have done.

Given that they're seven years old - they were the set that came with the HTC Desire I bought after BiCon 2010! - I perhaps shouldn't complain too much. The average life expectancy for a pair of L's is a lot closer to seven weeks, rather than seven years, but that means she's worked through all my spares.

The main reason for moaning is that the 'foam cover, held in by the shape of your ear' type have become a lot harder to find thanks to the rise of the 'silicone mushroom, in your ear canal' type.

Which I really don't like.

When Amazon had a very good price on them, I got a pair of SoundMAGIC ES18 ones back in 2014. While the sound is good, every time something taps on the cables, you can feel it in a way that you can't with the proper :) sort. I don't like the feel or the increased noise isolation. They're also harder to protect because, as I'm sure many people know thanks to the sort of other things that gets BiCon sessions of their own, once silicone is torn, you can't repair it.

So I'm currently looking at the Sennheiser MX 375. I've had another pair of Sennheiser earphones that weren't nearly as comfortable as others, but I can't remember which they were - L broke them.

Any other suggestions?

(no subject)

Aug. 17th, 2017 09:43 pm
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I have a new laptop (huge thanks to the wonderful [personal profile] oilrig for sorting it after my old emergency one stopped usefully working (which was somehow more annoying than the previous one actually stopping working because it wasn't taunting me by seeming like it should be usable). So there will prolly be more posts that need a keyboard and/or dictation software here soon.
But not today because i misjudged how far along in my convalesce i actually am and tried to do too much and need to go splat now...

[food] Beans bourdeto, sort of

Aug. 17th, 2017 08:24 pm
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I went to Corfu! I was introduced to Corfiot bean stew! I was a fan. I am also struggling to track down a recipe that will let me recreate the But That's Amazing Though that I experienced there, because it's generally made with fish and there are relatively few recipes online, which means my ability to take the average of multiple recipes is limited. Nonetheless!

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... which I served up with The Rice Of My People, which I'd apparently somehow not made for A before; he is a Fan. It turns out. Read more... )
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I've been using Firefox as my primary browser from before it was called that, so rapidly approaching fifteen years.

The two things that have kept me using it rather than a Chromium-based browser are:

a) It can cope with having many hundreds of tabs open. Unlike Chromium-based ones, opening a new tab does not lead to creating a whole new instance of the code and so greatly increasing the memory footprint.

b) The add-ons library, some of which - like Tab Mix Plus - are essential for having hundreds of tabs open.

Most other browsers have add-ons, so you can run the essential uBlock Origin* in them, but they're still way way behind in terms of the size of the Firefox library.

And Mozilla are about to piss that advantage away by, from v57 due in November, not loading the large majority of them any more. All add-ons will have to use a relatively new API. This will make it easier to port them between browsers, but while I know that Mozilla don't care about being #1 in browser usage, this is ensuring that more people will move away.

For example, I do not like the layout that Firefox moved to a few years ago. It's less efficient in terms of screen space and speed, and while there are some people who think it looks a bit prettier, I don't want my browser distracting from the content.

I am not the only one who thinks this way and, fortunately, one of them wrote an addon to use the classic layout (or twiddle in about a hundred ways with it). You could probably do the same by playing with about:config, but this makes it easy. And it's not down as having been ported to the new API.

There is at least one browser that is based on the free Firefox source and isn't going to do this, but relying on a browser with a very small developer base is.. risky, both in terms of getting caught by a security issue because of a delay in patching, and in having it still maintained long-term.


* The ad blocker of choice ever since AdBlock Plus sold out.
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Includes current politics + mental illness, HURRAH.

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Dear Parent In The Playground

Aug. 15th, 2017 03:58 pm
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 This was initaly something I wrote in response to the talking behind my back in the pre school playground so figured Id share it here too

Dear parent stood in the school playground,

When you see me waiting for my daughter, I am curious to what you see? Do you see the parent who is stood holding a cane to guide their vision, a parent who has lost most of their sight over the past decade, the parent who holds a degree and craves to get back to the Masters level education they were receiving prior to falling pregnant? Do you see a parent who like you has a young small person in school, receiving a education in which they are constantly reminded they can and they will succeed? To ask questions when unsure to gain a better comprehension of the world around?

Do you see obstacles in my journey? which you add to by not assisting when out n about, by talking about “that white stick, why does she have it?” questioning all but me?! Does the fact my sight is impaired actually cause you to challenge your own perception of disability in a way that you never actually gave much thought previously?

When our children are attending a friends party and I ask you where my daughter is, it is not simply a case of if I wore glasses I would be able to see her, or if my phone was in my bag shed have my attention. Or you pointing and informing me “she is over there”. Wearing glasses wont actually “fix” my vision, if they would has it not occured to you I would have begun to wear them long ago? and as for my phone I actually use it to magnify to aid me so that I have a vague idea of what my daughter is upto, but when I ask you it is because I have assumed you might be in a place where your vision is better than mine and you can use words to describe my daughters actions to me and in turn enable me to see all which she and her peers are doing. Words used by others can and do become my eyes, describe all to me even what may to you be mundane as it is the detail which I adore and lust after which enables me to see and appriciate the detail of every day occurrences which you take for granted. Please don’t simply point as I can not see where you are pointing and as such you are not actually answering my question, but instead you will cause me to ask more from you.
My daughter is incredible, at four years young she is able to confidently describe her world, guide me when we walk so “mummy careful their is a bin in your way” so I dont walk into it, she has the confidence to explain to people “her eyes are a little broken but she is still MY mummy and I love her because she is MY mummy” she is a cheeky girl with a incredible fearless passion for life, she has a enchanting sense of humour which attracts friendships around her, I am proud of her every moment of every day just because she is herself. Yet at the same time she does more than some other children of her age, she knows already how to cook simple things, to place food on a oven tray to pass to me to cook her dinner, how to make a simple sandwhich, what to do to run a bath, where things needed for day to day tasks are, as before we leave the house “have you got your cane, do you need different sunglasses to protect you as the sun is strong”. She knows how to with confidence and assertion answer basic questions about why her mummy is disabled and to answer them in a way which as a adult you are heard to say is “challenging”. But perhaps instead of finding it challenging, have the guts to come to me, talk to me, find out more about me and how my world is, and be a friend not only to my daughter but me as well, and then dear parent in the school playground you will realise I might be blind but their is far more to me than that.

My BiCon Meme

Aug. 15th, 2017 01:03 pm
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This was an unusual BiCon for me - I was mostly floomping because of teh ill and had very limited spoons to do BiConic things. But I made it there, managed to do a bit and very importantly didn't require medical attention!

Sessions run:
I had felt bad about missing the sessions deadline but it turned out to be a good thing considering my health.
I did (kind of) assist with a couple of workshops - taking photos during the peripatetic Cover Bis and helping with the set up of Just A Bisexual Minute while [personal profile] softfruit stole participants from another workshop!

Sessions attended:

Communication Games (mostly making paper planes), Dreamwidth (yay!), The Activist Toolshed (an excellent workshop but I was feeling pretty passive!), the aforementioned homeless Cover Bi's (we got thrown out of our room by another, more popular workshop and then found the suggested replacement rooms were also in use so we ended up in doing it in the middle of the field!) and Just a Bisexual Minute

Sleep achieved:
A lot. My body didn't give me any choice about that. But it was at rather random times. Being in a Family-friendly flat meant some early awakenings!
I was impressed by the accommodation and by the beds - they weren't perfect, specially if you are used to fancy mattresses but they were some of the best beds we've had at a BiCon. And the sheets were a huge improvement on last year's horrors!

People snogged:
None. Eww! Spit is icky

People I did Rude Things with:
None. It just wouldn't have been physically possible even if I had had offers!

People I would have liked to do more sex-type things with but didn't:
What I would also have liked - and would have been potentially more capable of was a bit of snuggling but the people I would have liked to do that with were either busy or just not interested...

Hugs achieved:
Quite a lot. Which were lovely.
I'm kind of skittish about hugs - sometimes I just can't cope with physical contact and sometimes I really crave deep physical pressure from known/safe humans. If you ever give me a hug and I say something along the lines if "you smell like you" that is one of the highest compliments I can pay you because it means that sensorily you feel like home to me.
Several of the Smalls in our flat eventually warmed up to this strange grown-up-shaped-but-autistically-childlike person with freaky glasses and started asking me for hugs as the Con went on which was lovely (particularly as teh ill has meant I haven't had much time with our Smalls lately)

Songs danced to:
None. I didn't have the spoons. I was particularly sad to miss the children's disco because I do love not-to-loud cheesy pop...

Parties attended:
I didn't actually hear of any (before they happened) which I hope was due to people being tactful about my spoonage rather than not wanting me around!

Games played:
But I did get given the Patchwork game as a birthday present and look forward to playing that somewhen. I'm assured it is ludy-proof (most games that BiCon people love remind me of the exercises an Ed Psych inflicts on you to diagnose SpLD rather than something that you'd want to do for fun!)

Strange food and drinks consumed when offered to me:
I mostly ate ludy-food which I think most readers would consider to be not-really-food.
I was given a very pleasant mint chop chip cookie (with excellent allergy labelling - yay!) after the final photo and enjoyed that.
And having an ice cream van at a BiCon was pretty strange and awesome! I've never had stripy ice cream in a cone with a flake before - it was good.

Number of children I was responsible for:
I unilaterally took responsibility for a young adult during the Fire Alarm while their actual adults were otherwise engaged. But they are a perfectly sensible person who didn't actually need any looking after - just a known adult to evacuate and stand in the crowd with.
I wasn't responsible for any of the many Smalls in our flat but there was a lot of interesting interaction (and occasionally grabbing them when they got to close to hot-burny parts of the kitchen/slamming doors)

Food eaten:
Enough. (Well as noted above I call it food and it works for me)
There were a whole series of FAILs in getting coffee with the extremely unpredictable opening hours of the nice coffee counter in the Food Hall and 3 separate coffee machines stopping working when I went near them!

People I meant to talk to, or meant to talk to more, but didn't:
Loads and loads. Basically almost everyone. Please do chat to me here instead.
I did get to have decent-length talks with [personal profile] karen2205 and [personal profile] haggis but they are such interesting and lovely people they still fall in the category of "would have liked to to talk to more"

Alcohol consumed:
None as ever.

Other recreational drugs taken:
Do you count painkillers and ventolin?

Times I fell over:
I went physically and emotionally Splat multiple times. Which is rubbish for a BiCon but everyone was so lovely about it and i'm actually impressed with myself for doing as much as I did.
Particular thanks to [personal profile] haggis, [personal profile] softfruit, [personal profile] oilrig[personal profile] sanjerina,[personal profile] skibbley and other E-who-isn't-on-here (in spite of being an otherwise sensible person!) for looking after a distressed and/or achey ludy

Injuries sustained:
None I didn't already come with.
I'm particularly pleased that the other-group having what looked like a very pleasant barbecue on the Achre only resulted in minor respiratory discomfort and not a full-on asthma attack

Perseids spotted:
None. I wasn't able to stay up

People spotted in the train station on Sunday afternoon:
I went part way home in [personal profile] oilrig's car (and is was definitly not BiCon anymore by the time I was in a train the next day). But we Cunningly stopped off on the way to visit someone who often attends BiCon but hadn't made it this year to extend the ConBubble

Best non-Bicon thing about the weekend:
The cat!

Volunteering done (can be anything even small thing like picking up litter or buying organisers a drink):
Not enough - which I feel guilty about.
But I did do the minor workshop assisting mentioned above and lent my camera for the big group photo (and even though I would trust [personal profile] softfruit with my life it still makes me horribly anxious to have her leaning out of a window with what is prolly my most expensive possession!)

[food] Clafoutis/flaugnarde

Aug. 15th, 2017 09:40 am
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On Sunday I conned Adam into going blackberry picking with me (it's a bit more complicated than that, but the short version is he hadn't realised how much more tedious and unpleasant it is to pick wild blackberries than it is to pick pick-your-own strawberries), so we've got a large tub of blackberries that I'm gradually turning into beverages/desserts/etc. We also had the end of a pound-a-bowl bag of blueberries from the market, and I have been meaning to try clafoutis for years, so! Lightly adapted from River Cottage.

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Aug. 15th, 2017 09:31 am
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 For those who have been asking me for the jaffacake brownie recipe here it is:

Chocolate Brownies

4 eggs
250 g light brown sugar + 250g caster sugar
325g unsalted butter/ marg
125g cocoa powder
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
250g plain flour, sifted
2 packs of jaffacakes
zest of 3 fresh oranges
juice of one of the oranges
4 table spoons orange marmalade

Oven 150
1. Beat eggs & sugar until pale
2. Melt butter in pan, gentle heat
3. Take of heat - stir in cocoa
4. Stir into egg/sugar mixture
5. Fold in flour
6. Add vanilla
7. Add orange zest
8. In a lined tray add the jaffacakes
9. Pour mix on top
10. Bake approx 20-30 mins (depending on your tin size & oven)
11. Whilst warm prick a fork over the top of the brownies
12. Combine the orange juice and marmalade, heating until combined well, then leave a few moments to cool before drizzling liberally over the top of the brownies
13. Leave to fully cool before slicing (it is easier if it has been in the fridge)

nb. The only difference between these and the honeycomb is I smashed up and crumbled 4 crunchie bars into the mix of the brownies n omitted the orange bits then before putting in the oven added another 2 smashed n crumbled crunchies to the top for the honey comb ones,
and again only difference for the rocky road was I added crumbled digestive biscuits, vegetarian marsh mellows and chocolate chips for the rocky road.
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If there's anything you want to say to me after BiCon, feel free to do so here. Comments are screened and will remain so.


Aug. 14th, 2017 06:38 pm
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 So, another year has passed and another BiCon has happened.

This year BiCon was just under 3 miles from my front door, I didn't realise how handy this would be at the time that it was announced but ...

Thursday was spent having a lovely curry at Akbars with a couple of people and other than that all I did was catch up with a few friends whom I haven/t seen in a fair while (probably last years BiCon)

My plan was to stay on site, which was rather awesome that they had a Bi flag flying over one of the buildings.  Plan was to stay on site to save spoons for sessions and to generally be around people, I didn't envisage how problematic this would be until I attempted to sleep, I say attempt cos I spent over a hour moving about on a mattress which at best could be described as trying to get comfortable on a upturned plug or fork, and at worse felt like non consenting nails and hooks were penetrating every part of my being, so at 130am I made the decision to get a cab home, this was not a decision I made lightly, but after much thought I concluded that it was actually ok to get a cab home and sleep here as sleeping or trying to on a mattress not fit for humans would deplete my spoons and thus make me unwell n generally cranky to be around. 

Friday I made my way over to site about 10am as I had underestimated just how tired I actually was, I made it at some point to the Sex and Disability session which I have been at the last couple of years and it was wonderful to chat about issues with so many people to try come up with solutions or at least listen and share our experiences.

I spent the rest of my friday chatting to people and being sociable, I have no memory as to what if anything I ate friday evening as brain fog is starting to kick in rather badly.

Friday night I again opted to sleep at home, and had a rather lovely lay in which as a parent (although Mima was staying at my parents for the duration of BiCon it was wonderful being able to relax n sleep in)

Oh yeah Friday along with a BiConer and my partner we got a curry take out.

Saturday I made it over to the site earlier than Friday, as I was facilitating the Survivors Safe Space session, despite having the room changed on us at what appeared to be the last moment their was about half a dozen of us and we had a powerful session of sharing but also supporting one another and it was beautiful to hold that space with some incredible strong people, n the message I got on my Facebook Inbox this morning made me realise how valuable the session was and that it is much needed each year to have that space offered.

Saturday afternoon I co facilitated a session on Bi+ Parenting which went rather well, incredibly uplifting to hear so many people once again support one and other and also managed to get a plug in for Pride and Joy which still has me incredible humbled that I was able to submit and have published material for.

Saturday evening was spent eating Italian food with some lovelies at Girgios and drinking a lil too much red wine due to my little sister of choice deciding she was going to fund two bottles of a rather yummy red between the pair of us.

Sunday morning I woke without a headache but Fibro pain all over so decided that I lacked the spoons to head back to site to say my goodbyes and opted for more much needed sleep.

BiCon as always you have been incredible, full of emotion, gentle safe warming hugs and friendships rekindled and new ones lit.

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Aug. 14th, 2017 06:27 pm
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2. [ profile] kaberett continues explicitly Things That Make Me Happy, all the time, no politics. [ profile] kaberabbits continues... all the rabbits, all the time. In case this is relevant to your interests. (Anything political would go on [ profile] kaberants, but I just... Haven't Been.)

(no subject)

Aug. 14th, 2017 02:19 pm
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I am currently at [personal profile] oilrig's being floompy (and being fed caffeine, hugs and ludy-safe food) so technically my BiCon has not yet ended. I'll try to do a write up in the next few days.
My physical health is still not-great but I managed to have a reasonably pleasantly low-spoon BiCon even though I couldn't manage a lot of things I would have liked to do. Many thanks to all the people who were lovely and helpful and who did low-imoact socialising with me. (And apologises to the many lovely people I didn't get to catch up with).

If you are trying to match DreamWidth identities to actual BiCon attendees I am actually called Ludy (i'm not great at cryptic!), I have pink glasses and usually a headwrap - and am often in the company if a small but stompy stuffy-bunny...

Meanwhile here is my kind-of-traditional say anything you want to to me post. Comments are screened (so if you want a response please say how is best to be in touch with you) and anonymity is allowed (though does pretty much guarantee you won't get a response because I won't know who to respond to!)

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