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My LiveJournal is currently acting as an archive of everything I post on my Twitter account and all the digital art and fan art I post on deviantART, all in the same place, in chronological order. I haven't been actively writing about my day to day life on LiveJournal for some time.

I've decided I'm going to use my Dreamwidth account for actual blogging and not fill it with Twitter and fan art. If you want to keep track of those, follow my Twitter and deviantART accounts, or follow my LiveJournal which will continue to include those, and will have my Dreamwidth posts crossposted.

Currently I'm not planning to post the sort of 'what I've been doing recently' posts I used to on LiveJournal, I'm hoping to instead write blog posts about things I have knowledge of or opinions on and actually have something to say about. Obviously if something significant and life changing happens, I'll write about that.

Of course, considerably more time, thought and effort is required to write and proofread an article than is required to spew out a series of 140 character tweets. I work a full time job, try to draw pieces of art on a regular basis (and they take hours upon hours), practice my musical instruments, keep on top of my chores and have something of a social life. So don't expect daily or even weekly entries, but when I have something to say, you should see it here (eventually).

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