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You've probably noticed that LoudTwitter has died and, as it was making a loss, is almost certainly not coming back. Interestingly this has actually been quite liberating as I've started using Twitter far more socially than I was before without worrying about all my replies making sense out of context or being potentially of interest to third parties - now I can assume that anyone who sees my replies is also following the person I'm replying to and so has context. So Twitter's become more fun, but isn't getting archived anywhere...

So this also means that I need to start keeping note of what I've been doing on my journal... and also that there's no difference between my DreamWidth and my LJ now, as at least before one included Twitter archives and the other didn't. I suppose I could do day to day updates on LJ and reserve DreamWidth for only articles on a particular subject? For the last month I was actually writing a paragraph of summary on every LJ LoudTwitter post that I already wasn't mirroring on DreamWidth...

Any opinions DreamWidth-only people, would you like to see a full mirror of LJ or would you like this to keep being only art posts and articles?

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