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I've managed to pair down everything in my previous list of personal projects I want to work on down to making Bridging The Rift into a monthly audio zine about Doctor Who Universe fandom and creating an androgyne/genderqueer resource (which seems to oscillate between being a website and a comic or possibly an illustrated website or a website with a comic). But I don't feel like I'm managing to work effectively on either.

Some angsty stuff about prioritising different personal projects around work and sleep... )
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I have long term problems with insomnia. Regardless of what I try I end up falling asleep between 1am and 2am. Gory details follow... )

Quite some time ago I came to the conclusion that I likely have delayed sleep phase syndrome. I should probably be on Eastern Standard Time rather than GMT. The reasoning behind that... ) This is clearly a repeating cycle and not working.

What I've been trying to work around that... )

So I'm probably completely jinxing things by writing this all down, but currently this seems like it's working :) (Oh and I'm still easily keeping on top of my life laundry routine and keeping the flat in good order, which is nice).

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